Petra Kvitova: 'I don't want to work with women. I have more respect for men'

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Petra Kvitova: 'I don't want to work with women. I have more respect for men'

Petra Kvitova spoke about her goals for the 2020 season in an interview to Czech media. The multiple Wimbledon winner said: "I want to fight for a Grand Slam title and also take a medal at the Olympics. I have great memories from the bronze in Rio.

I hope I will be healthy. I an working hard, it's the biggest training block we have during the season. Hopefully it will be more pleasant compared to the previous year." Kvitova also explained why she always join forces with a fellow Czech coach.

She once tried to co-operate with an abroad person but they split. "The Czech mentality is unique. As well as the language. All of us speak English, but with a coach sometimes it's difficult to understand another language.

I am happy of the Czechs, it's always been this way." And what about working with a female coach? "It has never been on the table. I do not think I would be comfortable. I have two older brothers and I find it so natural.

I also have more respect for the men in general." Venus Williams spoke about how she approaches the business environment. The American player was asked what she looks for when she meets people. "Definitely an entrepreneurial spirit", said Williams.

"That is very different then coming from a corporate structure because you wear a lot of hats and you need to deal with change quickly. You are often working in environments where you are creating from the ground up. Also the attitude.

You can’t always teach attitude you can work on behaviors and things like that but attitude can be challenging. You need someone who can roll with the punches and can laugh and smile and fit into the environment and really do upbuilding.

That is extremely important. I hate if I come to the office and someone is not doing that because that is not the example I have set, to destroy an environment that means so much to me. I want someone who knows how to reach people.

That’s a lot! But you can find these folks. It is possible."