Marin Cilic speaks about upcoming fatherhood

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Marin Cilic speaks about upcoming fatherhood

Marin Cilic spoke about his upcoming fatherhood. His wife Kristina will give birth to a daughter in February. On which kind of father he will be, Cilic said: "I have to admit that I often think about how it will be like.

I also get worried that I will be away due to long trips that are mandatory in tennis, but I am sure me and Kristina will find the best way to spend some time together." Asked if he plans to have more children, Cilic replied: "Both me and Kristina come from big families, she has two sisters and a brother and I have three brothers, so we are used to it.

Of course when we visualize the future, we see ourselves in a big and Happy family, but at the moment we are mostly focused on the first child that will soon come to us and if everything goes well, we will think about possibly having another one."

Cilic was asked if he will write a book: "I have not thought about it yet. I am somehow still in tennis, I train all days and i work on my progresses just like when I was 16, 20 or 25 years old and I mostly think about what's to come."