Eugenie Bouchard has been going through tough time, says Borfiga

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Eugenie Bouchard has been going through tough time, says Borfiga

In a press conference, Tennis Canada's Elite Development chief Louis Borfiga spoke about Eugenie Bouchard's ups and downs. Borfiga said: "It has been difficult for her. As we know, she went through a streak of losses.

When they get bigger and bigger, you can work, but it's very tough to get past it despite you have hopes. In tennis, like in many other sports, the lack of confidence can have a big weight." Sylvain Bruneau, Bianca Andreescu's coach, said: "Sometimes you go through it and you get stronger.

But she is doing great mentally and she is in Las Vegas working with Gil Reyes, who was Andre Agassi's fitness trainer for many years. She is very motivated, she works like always. It can get interesting. I think her results some years ago inspired Bianca to start a professional career."

In an interview, Rafael Nadal's coach Francis Roig spoke about the next generation of players. Asked who could go further, Roig replied: "The mental toughness comes fron behind and you can only get to know the player when you are inside.

This year Medvedev and Tsitsipas marked a difference. Tsitsipas was the one who evolved his game the most. Before we were playing calm against him, this year he surprised me in Australia for his gamestyle, he takes the ball much earlier.

Alexander Zverev has not evolved a lot over the last two years, Dominic Thiem misses less than before... For me, Denis Shapovalov is the player with the biggest potential out of everyone. Rafa described him very well. He has things that are not coached, they are unborn, but I say it from outside. I do not know him and I do not know what his ambitions are."