Andrea Petkovic works as TV reporter, says she may miss Australian Open

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Andrea Petkovic works as TV reporter, says she may miss Australian Open

Andrea Petkovic is working as a TV journalist on ZDF Germany channel. The German player is trying to build a post career future and although she is still an active player, she is already thinking about it. In an interview Petkovic said she may skip the Australian Open due to a leg injury.

She also spoke about how the popularity of tennis can be increased in her country: "I think Germany has an enormous potential for tennis. If you increase the coverage, I think it can be really bigger. But if only one match gets broadcasted during the year, it's difficult.

It's tough to sell an Angelique Kerber match if half people do not know who Angie Kerber is because nobody watched her before. Tournaments should be covered on a regular basis, the year in tennis is long." On how she spends free time, Petkovic added: "If I played sports all day, I like turning it off.

I like watching programmes about literature, music and film. When I am travelling I check Netflix. When I am at home, I watch TV." In an interview Taylor Fritz spoke about her mother Kathy May's influence: “I spent a lot of time on the court with my mom and she taught me a lot of things.

It has definitely helped me along the way. She definitely helped me make decisions and she came to tournaments and she coached me and gave me strategies. One of the biggest mother-son tournaments in the country just happened to be in San Diego where I live.

So, it was easy, we would just play it. My mom was a former Top 10 player and she still played a lot, so she was, for sure, the best mom in the competition. I was only 12 years old, so her and I were probably at a very similar level.

She might have been better than me at the time. We were playing against a lot of college guys and older guys, so it was tough for me but we got to the quarter-finals”.