Son Leo says Bjorn Borg does not know anything about tennis

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Son Leo says Bjorn Borg does not know anything about tennis

In an interview to the New York Times, Bjorn Borg recalled the time where his now 15-year-old son Leo told him not to give him advice. Leo is trying to have a tennis career and maybe follow his 11-time Grand Slam winner father's footsteps, but he does not want suggestions by him.

Just support. Borg's third wife, Patricia, said some interesting things looking at his husband. 'You told him, like, ‘Go more forward.’ And Leo was like: ‘Ugh! You don’t know anything about tennis!’.

And Bjorn said, ‘O.K., I will never say anything about tennis.’ Bjorn Borg admits that Leo needs to face some pressure to have success: 'He’s always going to be reminded of me, and that’s kind of a burden for him.

So I don’t put pressure on him, and I try to make sure that the life he lives doesn’t give him any pressure. That’s our task. That’s our way of helping him. Then, the only person who can put pressure on him is himself.'

Nina Wennerstrom, Leo's agent, is confident about the kid's future: 'I think he and the people surrounding him are handling it very well, recognizing it, but not focusing on it, because that’s not going to help him achieve his dream. In sport, there are no shortcuts. It doesn’t matter what the name of your parent is”.