How Jack Sock got engaged with model Laura Little

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How Jack Sock got engaged with model Laura Little

Jack Sock, former world’s number 8, and Laura Little — a model, dancer, and the winner of Miss North Carolina USA in 2019 — got engaged at the beginning of this month, but they recently shared how the American actually made the big step on

It all started two weeks ago on Laura’s 24th birthday. It was the 2nd of December and the couple was in New York City because Sock had to take care of a back problem. Therefore, Jack and Laura spent almost the whole day at the hospital.

However, Miss NC smelled that something was happening as Jack was acting weird. “He would speak privately to the concierge, text with his phone to the side, and would continually apologize that I had to spend my birthday with him at the hospital,” Laura said.

Suspicious, the future Mrs. Sock texted her sister on that night as she knew the two were planning the proposal to happen somewhere in January, but she wanted to be sure. And she got her answer, even if it was a lie. “He’s probably just acting weird because of your birthday.

I’m sorry but planning a proposal takes a while. It’ll be after your trip to Necker but that’s all I’m willing to divulge”. , was Laura’s sister's response. Not yet fully convinced, the beautiful blonde wanted a confirmation from Sock, so she told him about the scenario she imagined.

Jack reassured her that the moment will come in a few months or so. To make it up for Laura’s lousy birthday, Jack informed his soulmate that he wants to get her out and that she needs to get dressed by 2:30. The model called her sister and mom to let them know what she’s up to, but, strangely, neither one of them answered the phone.

Jack came back in a few hours with a new outfit that left Laura impressed. The latter brought her camera with her because she imagined she will be able to take some photos. As the two lovebirds began walking outside, Sock divulged to Laura that he wants to take her on a horse and carriage ride “It was bitterly cold but hand in hand, we strolled through Central Park searching for the meeting point.

On our walk, I reminded him that ironically, it had almost been exactly one year since our first horse and carriage ride in Dallas. I then pointed out that some of the best movies were filmed in the very spot we were walking.

He grabbed my hand and said, “Wait, we should stop here for a quick photo”. I thought it was random, but if you know me you know I’ll do anything for a photo! I quickly grabbed the camera out of my bag and suddenly he took it and set it back down so he could grab my other hand.

“Laura, you know I love you with all of my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. I looked at him and smiled as he leads me toward the center of Central Park. I started laughing “What are you doing?”, thinking he was kidding”.

, Laura said. And you know that happened after. “After the conversation, we had the night before I thought there was no way he was serious. He continued with his speech and I still wasn’t sure, not until I saw our beautiful photographer Lauren did I know that this was the real deal!

That was the last moment I remember, haha. The rest is a blur of pure happiness. It is so crazy that the moment I looked forward to for as long as I can remember could pass so quickly, yet so magically. Every second from that point on felt like we were on top of the world!”, Laura Little emphasized for How They Asked.

On the same day, Little’s family surprised her at a restaurant while Jack excused himself for a bathroom break.

My person. My heartbeat.

My everything. Now my fiancé. You make me the happiest guy in the world and make me feel so loved every single day. Words truly can’t describe how I feel about you but when you know, you know. I will forever be thankful that you came into my life and that I’m lucky enough to call you my best friend and soulmate ❤️ I couldn’t be more excited for the future together and to keep creating the best memories together!

I love you with all of my heart Laura ❤️ forever!

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