Mouratoglou on his first chat ever with Stefanos Tsitsipas

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Mouratoglou on his first chat ever with Stefanos Tsitsipas

In an interview with Real News, Stefanos Tsitsipas' coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about how the Athens native can increase interest for tennis in his country. The Frenchman said: "Greece will become a great country for tennis.

My father is Greek, just half of my family. I am very connected to Greece. That's why I was always looking for younger talented Greeks to help them have success. When I met Stefanos Tsitsipas, I told him I wanted to give him the weapons to become a great player.

If he had won the ATP Finals, his popularity would have increased and I am sure many young Greeks are now dreaming of becoming the next Stefanos. If I can build a Mouratoglou Academy in Greece one day, it would be a dream came true.

"I have a young Cypriot at the Mouratoglou Academy. He was the number one in Europe at 12 and then 14. He is called Constantine Kosi. In order to join the Mouratoglou Academy, you need to go through tests like tennis, training, skills, attitude, qualities.

At the moment we have 200 new students who want to be professional players. It means a personalized programme for every athlete in order to maximise his potential. The campus, school (French and International) are in the same place to offer the best possible conditions to grow not just as players but as people too."

Tsitsipas claimed the biggest title of his career so far, at the ATP Finals in November this year, in London. He defeated Dominic Thiem in the final.