Ons Jabeur reveals the secret behind her crazy shots

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Ons Jabeur reveals the secret behind her crazy shots

After receiving the recognition of the Arab Woman of the Year last November, Ons Jabeur has recently granted an interview to wtatennis.com. The Tunisian talked about the importance of this award and revealed the most significant aspects of her game.

She has won eleven singles titles and one doubles title on the ITF Women's Circuit. On 25 February 2019, she reached her highest singles ranking of 54th in the world. On 13 May 2019, she peaked at No. 241 in the doubles rankings.

Her greatest success has come as a junior, when she won the girls' singles title at the 2011 French Open, having already reached the final of the same event one year prior. "I was selected the best woman in the sports field, and I was among a lot of amazing women in that ceremony - all Arabic and from different fields.

It was a dinner gala, an elegant party, and it was amazing - some celebrities from the Arab world were there and I felt so honored. It's the first time I received something like this internationally. I spoke a little bit to [Lebanese presenter] Alice Abdel Aziz - she's really famous in the Arab world - and it was also very interesting to talk to Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, who used to be a French minister and who was honored for her achievements in global gender equality.

And it was an escape for two or three days, so that was nice!" - Jabeur said. On her mindset behind her crazy shots, she added: "I don't like routines, I like fun stuff. For me, entertaining the people also entertains me - plus it gives me the opportunity to be like an artist, you know? It's like drawing a picture, doing dropshots and slices.

I like variety, to change the rhythm, and I like to be different. I like to do amazing shots and I like to do them from angles where it's hard to achieve on the court - for me to do these shots gives me the joy to be on the court."