Diego Schwartzman speaks on his return aggressiveness

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Diego Schwartzman speaks on his return aggressiveness

Argentine clay-court specialist Diego Schwartzman claims he has never been afraid to go for it on the return as he was taught by his coaches to be aggressive when receiving a serve. Schwartzman, ranked at No. 14 in the world, admitted that growing up in South America and being exposed to the clay courts affected his return aggressiveness as the slowest tennis surface gives you a chance to attack almost immediately.

Schwartzman, who stands five-feet seven-inches tall, has won three ATP tiles so far in his career and he is considered as one of the better returns on the Tour. "I was taught by coaches) at the beginning to be aggressive.

I was trying every time in the second serve more than in the first to be aggressive. But the people in South America are born on clay, so you almost always have the chance to play the point in the return,” Schwartzman exclusively told Tennismash.

“Many times the people, when you born on clay, you go back and then you start the point. I mean, not aggressive, but trying to put the first ball in, then start the point." As the game evolves, many players tend to be aggressive and try to shorten points.