Simona Halep wants ‘maximum’ from Australian Open: ‘It’s the most important’

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Simona Halep wants ‘maximum’ from Australian Open: ‘It’s the most important’

Although Simona Halep stated that her main priority is the Olympics, she is ready to play full out to win Australian Open and bag the third Grand Slam of her career. “I wish maximum. I hope to be as well prepared as possible at Melbourne.

It is the most important tournament. I have a pretty good period before to prepare and I have faith that it will be fine. I feel very well physically, I don’t have any problems, I trained well. My legs feel powerful, my whole body does.

I spent a super period of time, super good and I am glad that I was up to it 100%”. , said Halep at the Henri Coandă Airport in Bucharest. Also, the Romanian star is prepared both mentally and physically for the new season, so there’s no obvious reason why she wouldn’t steal the show in Australia.

“I have good thoughts, positive ones. I am happy to start this trip. I prepared very well in Dubai, and at home as well. I am joyful and I hope for this year to be as good as it gets. I can’t tell you what I wished at the crossing between the years because, afterwards, it won’t come true.

I still believe in these things”. , said Halep. However, Simona will not be too affected if she doesn’t get too far on at Melbourne. She focuses on something else in 2020. “The Olympics is my priority for this year.

I want to get as rested and as fresh as possible to this competition. It won’t be easy because the pressure is different, but anything comes on top it would be something more and it would be nice. I hope to be more mature than I was in 2019, to be more positive, to have a better attitude and that things will work out as well as possible.

There is no kind of pressure left. I want to enjoy what I am doing”. , Simona said.