Grigor Dimitrov: "I'm just really proud of the boys"

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Grigor Dimitrov: "I'm just really proud of the boys"

There are players who have something special and Grigor Dimitrov is one of them. The Bulgarian led his team at the decisive point of the doubles, partnering with Alexandar Lazarov. The match was resolved at 02.47 in the early morning in Sydney by a score of 7-6 (5) 6-7 (2) 11-9 in favor of the Bulgarians, capable of defeating a consolidated and specialist couple like the formed by Jamie Murray and Joe Salisbury.

"Zero chance. I was just telling them, 'Guys, this easily can be a historical moment for us. Just do it to remember.' I don't know if in the history, per se, but I think it means a lot for the whole team," Dimitrov said.

"That's why we're here. That's why we play. I think this event has been a great start for us, great start of the year, great start of the event. But all I can say is I'm just really proud of the boys."

"It's just nice when things happen. I think clearly we also had a little bit of luck, [a] few points here and there, no doubt about it. But we worked for that luck. As I said leading up to that week, all the boys, they were practising really hard," Dimitrov added.

"It's been a great atmosphere throughout every single day. That really adds up, and when you get the result, it's even better for me. But the best is when I looked at him clearly and all the boys in the team, and some of them were crying, actually.

Those are the moments that I cherish, I remember. And also that's why we're here, to play for that, for those special moments, for our country."