“I hope this nightmare ends soon!”, Rafael Nadal shows concern on Australian bushfire

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“I hope this nightmare ends soon!”, Rafael Nadal shows concern on Australian bushfire

One of the stickiest ends of the ATP cup this year had been the Australian bushfire, that forced to cancel ATP Cup doubles’ group stage matches, left the empty Australian beaches with dead birds and burned leaves as a sign of the gruesome wildfires which began on late-September and pushed the Oceania’s largest economy at a dire strait, while a number of global fan-favourites were rattled by the severity of the incident and expressed sheer concerns, the world’s No.

1 in men’s singles tennis, 19 Grand Slams titles holder, Rafael Nadal had been one of them. In an interview earlier this week, the unflagging 33-year-old, who currently has been playing in the ATP tours in Australia, had expressed grave concern on the situation and pledged to be there to help out over the catastrophe as much as he could.

As a matter of fact, since late-September, the Australian bushfire had left 25 people dead and thousands of Australian nationals homeless, while the nation's peak summer tourist season was casted away in to the smokes and ashes of the bushfires, fumes of which had even started off to cloud the Latin American skies following a 6.3 million hectares of land hit over the last three months.

Meanwhile, showing empathy and solacing his fans, Nadal said in an interview late on Monday (January 6th), “An unpleasant situation, after all one of the great treasures of our planet is nature. When things happen that destroy nature… I am personally a nature lover.

When you lose so much life, of course it's a super sad situation. Hopefully this nightmare will be over as soon as possible”. “Within the tennis world, we will take action in the coming weeks to raise as much money as possible and help.

Here I am for whatever you need, whether it's personal donation or money-raising events,” added the Spanish spearhead.