Piotr Wozniacki: Women are playing too long. I hoped Caroline would stop at 25 or 26

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Piotr Wozniacki: Women are playing too long. I hoped Caroline would stop at 25 or 26

While some may be surprised that Caroline Wozniacki is retiring at the age of 29, her father Piotr Wozniacki says he had hoped his daughter would retire by the age of 25 or 26 so that she could start the next chapters of her life.

In an interview to DR, the 57 year old, who has been one of the most instrumental figures in the Dane's life, says, "She has had a fantastic career, but there is also a next step in life. I say that 'we' made that decision, because it was also important that I affirm Caroline that it was the right one.

It has been my dream that she quit at a high level so that she can achieve the things in life she would like after her career. Women tennis players are playing too long. In fact, I hoped Caroline stopped when she was 25 or 26 years old.

I was wrong there because today she is almost 30." Pitor says that he tried his best to protect Caroline and the family from the negativity in the media and wanted to ensure that his family's happiness always came first.

"There was criticism because she was named Wozniacki and came from Poland and Eastern Europe. We were in Denmark with the right methods and the right people. All those who were with us know what methods we have used. There have been people who have wondered that Caroline has represented Denmark, but I know that if Caroline has children, they must speak Danish.

It means a lot to her. Make no mistake. I would say to the people who say she is half Pole and half Dane - she is a hundred percent Dane. Every day there are many negative stories about us. On that, I told Caroline and Patrik not to read articles about that stuff.

They write positively when things are going well, but when they start criticizing you, do not accept it. Only if it is constructive criticism, because it is very important. I'm a father and trainer, and I can take it. The most important thing is that my family is happy.

I am an adult and I understand the world we live in well." Like any other parent, watching their little child grow up and learning to cope up with the changing dynamics was difficult for Piot as well. "It's been tough when Caroline has been injured, but especially the relationship between Caroline and me as she got older.

She was suddenly not the little girl who just respected Dad and did what Dad said. When she turned 18, 19 and 20, she had her own world and looked the other way. Of course, it can be difficult to tackle as a parent, but when I think about it afterwards, this is how it should be.

As a parent, you have to understand that." Finally, Piotr says that the retirement from tennis for Caroline does not mean a retirement for him and that he plans to continue remaining active. "It will be impossible for me to just sit down and enjoy my pension until I get old.

I stay active. It's going to give me more energy. Hopefully, as a family, we're not just at home from now on, thinking the last 15 years were amazing. We need to look ahead in life."