Petra Kvitova regrets ‘rolling’ over crying Siniakova

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Petra Kvitova regrets ‘rolling’ over crying Siniakova

After crushing her compatriot Katerina Siniakova in the first round of the 2020 Australian Open, Petra Kvitova expressed her regrets after she saw her opponent and friend crying at 6/1, 5/0. It is not surprising that Petra felt this way of Siniakova as world number 8 often practices with her compatriot.

“Actually, I saw Katka in the last game of our match crying, so it wasn't really nice for me, of course. We know each other very well. We are practicing the same club in Prague and it's nothing really easy to play who you well know”.

Kvitova said. However, the 2019 Australian Open finalist couldn’t slow down the engines, even if it was her friend on the other side of the net. “Yeah, it's been strange, for sure. I didn't feel very happy about her, for sure.

But, yeah, it's a tennis match and just had to keep rolling”. Kvitova pointed out. Regarding the performance on the court, Petra was simply too much to handle for Katerina Siniakova. The powerful left-handed strokes and the accurate serves coming from Kvitova’s racquet made her admit that this was “one of the best” Grand Slam first rounds ever played.

“I think, you know, the first game when I was serving helped me a lot, so the serve was kind of key for sure. I felt more free on the returns and playing from the baseline. Yeah, definitely I played my game, which obviously worked”. , Petra Kvitova concluded her performance on the court.