Alex Corretja: Murray can be a threat at Wimbledon


Alex Corretja: Murray can be a threat at Wimbledon
Alex Corretja: Murray can be a threat at Wimbledon

Andy Murray’s former coach Alex Corretja believes the Scot can still be a force to reckon with at Wimbledon provided he prepares in the right way. Murray has not played a clay-court match since the French Open semi-final against Stan Wawrinka in 2017 that caused his hip problems to flare up.

However, his former coach believes that Murray should consider playing the clay court season to get ready for Wimbledon. “I really don’t know exactly how he feels now but clay, he should use it to get enough matches to be ready for grass.

Because if he skips the clay-court season, there is going to be such a long gap before the grass. And grass is only three weeks, so it is difficult to get the feeling of so many matches. “He needs to go thinking that those matches are the best preparation I could have to be ready for Wimbledon, and that’s the only thing he needs to know.

The more matches he gets, the better, but he doesn’t need to get overcooked. He’s got experience and his body is suffering”. Corretja also feels Murray might skip Roland Garros, “It’s very demanding, and maybe you play three matches, those three matches, they can be five sets, four sets, five sets, and you are only in the fourth round.

And if you are only in the fourth round, for Andy, it’s nothing. Maybe he should say, ‘OK, I go back home, I stay in London, I practise’, and just get ready for Queen’s”. With not many players on tour comfortable playing on grass courts, Murray could still be a threat, according to Corretja.

“If he gets that kind of rhythm, he is going to be dangerous, because he knows the feeling and what it takes to win,” said the Spaniard.

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