Roger Federer: I hope I’m going to be really fine to play


Roger Federer: I hope I’m going to be really fine to play
Roger Federer: I hope I’m going to be really fine to play

Roger Federer provided an injury update ahead of his Match For Africa charity match against Rafael Nadal in South Africa. Federer will team with Bill Gates in Cape Town this week to raise money for the Roger Federer foundation, with his arch nemesis Nadal on the opposite side of the court.

He played two matches injured at the Australian Open last week, though, which raised concerns over his fitness. He, though, insists there is nothing to worry about. “You know how it is. Life on tour sometimes is what it is.

I couldn’t be more excited now that it’s actually really happening. I hope I’m going to be really fine to play. I believe I am, but we’ll see”. “Also, that Rafa is willing to do it is exciting, of course, to say the least.

I know my parents are very happy, very proud, as well. I’m sure it’s going to be very, very special for me on many levels to play there”. South Africa holds a special place in Federer’s heart since his mother comes from the country.

However, having never played in South Africa before, this match is something he is really looking forward to. “I don’t know what took me so long, to be quite honest,” the Swiss Maestro said. “I said, ‘It’s not possible that I’m on the tour for 20 years, I’ve become the player that I have been, and I’ve never played in South Africa. It’s just not OK.’ “I couldn’t live with myself if that happened”.

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