Naomi Osaka arrives in La Manga Club to take on Spain in the Fed Cup

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Naomi Osaka arrives in La Manga Club to take on Spain in the Fed Cup

The Japanese storm-borne, 22-year-old ’19 AO Champion Naomi Osaka, who had to witness an unprecedented defeat in the third round of the Australian Open 2020 against the American teen sensation 15-year-old Coco Gauff that simply bolted out of the blue and sent a shockwave in to the ’20 AO, arrived in La Manga late on Tuesday to take on her Spanish rivals in the Fed Cup over the weekend.

As a matter of fact, the 22-year-old unflagging Japanese had been contemplated as one of the greatest threats to Spain during Friday’s (February 7th) and Saturday’s (February 8th) Fed Cup duel at La Manga. Besides, shortly after the arrival of Naomi Osaka, who appeared to have cooled off her heels following a third-round defeat in ’20 AO, the captain of the Japanese team, Toshihisa Tsuchihashi was quoted saying earlier on Wednesday that the captivating whipper’s presence would add stability and strength in to the team ahead of a high-stake Fed cup battle against the Spaniards adding, “… (Naomi) will be our main support.

Although it has less filming time than the rest of the companions will be very prepared for this tie” Nonetheless, the Japanese captain did not disremember to underscore the scale of potentiality Spain usually harbours and said to the reporters, “The last time we played with Spain at home last year, we lost and we know the strength that this team has.

We plan to reach the fifth game and with the experience we have had last year we know how difficult it will be. We are working with that thought and I only hope that, on this occasion, the wind blows in our favour. ”