John Newcombe: Andy Murray can never recover from injury

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John Newcombe: Andy Murray can never recover from injury

Australian legend John Newcombe has put aside Andy Murray’s prospects of adding to his tally of three Grand Slam tennis titles. He feels that Murray’s hip injury has effectively ended his career as one of the top players.

I don't see how Andy Murray can ever get back to being the player he was given his age and the chronic nature of his hip injury,” Newcombe told Herald and Times Sport. "At his age it takes longer to recover so I don't believe he can win more Grand Slam tournaments and compete consistently with the likes of Djokovic, Nadal, and even Federer who is in the twilight of his career”.

"I predicted about 10 years ago that Andy would retire having won two or three majors and he's done exactly that. But he suffered a bad injury and at 32 he's not going to get any better,” he added. "When Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer, all retire new players will step up to take their place.

The King is dead, but long live the King! Its quite possible that the next generation can be even better players than those three and take the game to another level. Tennis has always evolved and new players will step up and take the game forward."

Murray has been very cautious with the way he is marking his return following his second surgery which he detailed recently in a film documentary called Resurfacing. Amongst his 2020 priorities is a determination to be fit for the Tokyo Olympic Games in July, where he hopes to add to his tally of two gold medals.