Caroline Wozniacki: I’m very stubborn

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Caroline Wozniacki: I’m very stubborn

Former World No.1 and Grand Slam winner Caroline Wozniacki recently spoke about how her nature in general helped her get her first and only major title. She said that her sheer stubbornness was a huge factor in her overall success as a tennis player.

The Dane retired at the Australian Open last month after a brilliant career that saw her reach the top of the WTA Rankings and win a major title in Melbourne in 2018. Wozniacki was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis just 18 months after her career high winning the Australian Open final and that acted as a major hindrance in her career afterwards.

Wozniacki admitted that a lack of stubbornness was never really a problem for her. “I had to figure out how to book flights, and I even called Adidas to hear if they would sponsor me,” she told TV2. “That was when I was 10 years old.

I’m very stubborn. I don’t think you get to where I am in tennis if you are not stubborn”. “I want to be the best or do the best I can in everything I do. It is both in school, on the tennis court and in life in general.

I think I hate losing more than I love to win. When you hate losing as much as I do, you also train hard to gain more than you lose”. “So I just think it’s just the fighter’s will I have”.