Marion Bartoli speaks about her fear of failure that defined her career

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Marion Bartoli speaks about her fear of failure that defined her career

The Nexgen of WTA players comes with a fresh thought process and ways to look at a loss. Ash Barty’s reaction post her Australian Open loss has received mixed reactions. However, former Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli has questioned such attitude from the new age players, be it real or fake.

In an interview with The Tennis Podcast, the Frenchwomen opened up about her struggles post her career that saw her win the Wimbledon Title in 2013. “I felt that my parents gave up so much and put so much effort into me that being a failure was not an option,” said Bartoli.

“After a loss it was sometimes a three or four day period where I couldn’t eat. I was just locking myself in a hotel room just drinking water for three or four days”. She further added, “It was almost like a little death I had to survive from and rebuild and restart.

That was painful and a difficult process and very draining but I felt in the long term that helped me to push myself to limits I never thought I’d be able to achieve”. Speaking about how players nowadays react to losses, Bartoli commented, “When I see some of the girls now and the way they react to a loss it’s like ‘did you actually really lose’ because it doesn’t seem that way when I’m seeing you.

It’s very difficult to give lessons to someone or tell them you shouldn’t feel that way. But for me, it certainly was not an option to feel that way”. “Now am I right or am I wrong? I don’t know but when I read quotes from other athletes that were champions in different sports — really successful, high-level champions — most likely they are extremely disappointed when they lose something”.