Marcos Giron Reflects on His Comeback from Hip Surgeries

Tennis - Giron has climbed from outside the Top 600 to verge of breaking into Top 100

by Prakash
Marcos Giron Reflects on His Comeback from Hip Surgeries

Marcos Giron, who underwent two hip surgeries between December 2015 to February 2016, says his hip surgeries are a distant memory, after having the best season of his career in 2019. In 2019, Giron won his first two ATP Challenger Tour titles and reached the Round of 32 at the BNP Paribas Open as a qualifier.

Speaking to the ATP Tour website, Giron, who dropped out of the Top 500 in 2016 and is now on the verge of breaking into the Top 100, says, “Definitely when you first start playing after your injuries, it’s definitely in the back of your mind and then you lose some close matches and it’s easy to lose confidence and it kind of can spiral.

But the past year I won a lot of matches and the year before wasn’t as good of a year, but there were plenty of good players where I was up against them. So the level was there, but it was more mental on the important times that I kind of had to break through.

So last year was really good to win a lot of those close matches and I definitely look to build on it this year." Giron’s coach, Evan Lee, says, "The more time goes by, the more results he has, it’s a great story.

But for us, it’s a distant memory. Certainly you appreciate things a little more. I know he does coming off surgeries like that. I think that’s probably one of the best things about him. He always challenges himself to be better and holds himself to a high standard.

He’s a physical kid by nature. He has a really strong lower body and he uses it. I think that’s really something that helped set him apart. He’s always 100 per cent ready to play the next point. I think he’s got a great serve for his size, he’s got a really nice forehand, really solid, his backhand is solid.

But I think part of what makes him a tough out is how physical he can be. There are not a lot of players — I’ve watched him play hundreds of matches at this point — I’ve never seen him lose a match because he’s not fit enough.

I’ve never seen that. And so I think his physicality and his stamina combined with those weapons, the will to win and really prove to people that he belongs is a dangerous formula. Hopefully he can keep things going and have a good 2020”.

One of his biggest accomplishments in 2019 was Giron won 21 three-set matches in 2019. “It’s definitely something I want to do. I was three points away from being Top 100. I could have gone and played a Futures and maybe won two matches, but ultimately I don’t think that’s necessarily a practical winners’ mentality. It’s definitely on my mind, but I have bigger goals than just being Top 100 in the world”.

Marcos Giron