Fabio Fognini: Sometimes i do get lazy


Fabio Fognini: Sometimes i do get lazy

World No.11 Fabio Fognini recently spoke to sports.ru about what it is like facing the Big 3 – Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. He spoke about reaching his potential and what it will take to maximize it.

Addressing the issue of facing the Big 3, the Italian said, “When Roger and Novak are at their peak, it is very difficult to face them. They play very fast and do not give you a break. With Rafa, everything is different his game is more built on physics, he destroys the opponent both in rallies and psychologically”.

Speaking about life of a professional athlete, he added, “I turn 33 in May and I get tired of travelling. My life has changed, now I have two children. If you can travel with them, this is ideal. Otherwise, I will have to return home in two to three weeks, because I want to stay with my family.

I was lucky that this sport has become my job. But it’s hard to mix a normal life with tennis”. He admitted that he has been lazy and things could have been different had he been more proactive. “I dont know.

Sometimes I'm lazy. It does not help. If I had not been lazy, I would certainly have done more in tournaments. Sometimes I’d rather sit on the couch than train or prepare for the tournament. Just laziness,” he said. Now playing well, does he want to keep pushing himself to the next level, "As long as I have energy, and I want to play myself. If health problems start or if the desire to train is lost, I will end my career."

Fabio Fognini