Kirsten Flipkens: I am sure Kim Clijsters will reach a very high level

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Kirsten Flipkens: I am sure Kim Clijsters will reach a very high level

Kirsten Flipkens is set to play in Dubai but the spotlight is more on her Belgian counterpart – Kim Clijsters, who is making another comeback on the WTA Tour. In her chat with VTM News, Flipkens spoke about Clijsters’ comeback and is also expecting some results from it.

“It's different than usual, but I think we know who this is for," Flipkens said. “It's the first tournament for Kim, she will get a lot of support from the fans. That's nice for her. That she draws all the attention to herself? That has never been different.

I played together with Kim and Justine before, but I never had any problems with getting them to the attention - so two top players”. Speaking about Clijsters’ return, Flipkens added, “We trained together once, but if she is here she will be ready.

Otherwise she won't come here. I don't have a glass ball, but it is clear that she is touching the ball very well. It is not because she is 37 that it is impossible to perform. She is well aware of what she started, but I do not expect that she will play the roof immediately.

Her body has to get back to that sequence of matches and everyone has to realize that”. But do we see Clijsters reaching the levels she was at in the past? “I am sure she will reach a very high level. Whether she will still win grand slams? I think that is possible if you know what she has already proven in the past.

She has been away from it for seven years, so much will depend on how her body reacts to the competitions. Hopefully the injuries will not come and I will see her doing beautiful things,” Flipkens assessed.