Storm Sanders: Elina Svitolina will probably win a slam soon

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Storm Sanders: Elina Svitolina will probably win a slam soon

Storm Sanders lost to Elina Svitolina in straight sets in a match lasting under an hour. However, the Australian took away many positives from the match and spoke about the Ukrainian. “She’s obviously a really, really good player, top five, and yeah, she’s probably going to win a Slam soon.

It was a cool, amazing experience to play her,” Sanders assessed. “I actually thought I had a few chances to get it to be even in the first set and I probably pushed a little bit too hard and pressed a bit too early, making some unforced errors”.

“I think that’s what the good players do — they make you feel that pressure and make you try and go for a little bit more”. A career barred by injuries, Sanders touched many milestones this week, which is not over yet as she is still alive in doubles.

“I’ve had a really good week here in singles. I qualified and won my first round and I haven’t done that since, like, six year ago. So yeah, I’m really happy with that. It was a good week, so far. Still got doubles,” said Sanders.

“I’ve appreciated just playing at a bit of a higher level and trying to win matches back-to-back and just go out there feeling good. In terms of rankings, I think I’ll go inside 300, probably about 270, which I’m pretty happy with after about five or six tournaments”.

She further added, “Hopefully that opens a few more opportunities with some WTA qualifying events, and just getting into main draw of some ITF events too. I’m looking to play qualies of Slams so I’ve got to get my ranking up a little bit higher, but it’s an exciting start to the year”.