Alexander Bublik: I only play tennis for money

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Alexander Bublik: I only play tennis for money

Kazakh tennis player Alexander Bublik recently made some rather shocking statements in an interview with French newspaper L'Équipe. Bublik revealed that he only plays tennis for money. “I hate tennis with all my heart.

To be honest, I don't see something positive in being a tennis player. I only play for money. If there was no money, I would stop playing tennis instantly. I haven't earned enough money, in any other case I would have already retired.

He also explained the tattoos on his body, “I have seven tattoos and each has a particular meaning in my life. The one I have associated to tennis is a skeleton that has a tennis ball in its hand, It jogs my memory that I should endure this sport every single day”.

Bublik gave another interview after winning the Marseille ATP first round, “I will probably die playing tennis. But it is difficult, being a professional, to play every day, always with new opponents, even if you have pain everywhere”.

He further added, “Even if you divorce, if you separate from your girlfriend, you have to play and if you lose everyone asks you why you lost. This is the part of tennis that I hate”. He is presently ranked at No.55 in the world and has been ranked as high as No.48 on the ATP Charts. He possesses a win-loss record of 25-29 in his career and has earned over $1.3 Million since turning pro.