Karolina Pliskova: Not possible for a single player to dominate


Karolina Pliskova: Not possible for a single player to dominate

One of the most consistent performers on the tour – Karolina Pliskova recently spoke about the WTA Tour and the challenges one faces. Speaking about Czech Republic producing good players on a consistent basis, she said that players have worked very hard without any proper system in place.

“No, there is no programme. At least I didn’t have any programme,” she said to Gulf News. “So I think everything’s (done) by the players. How they decide, which coaches they take, where they practice.

And I think, especially like me and my family and my sister, we did a lot of changes, so we didn’t do everything in the Czech Republic”. “We were traveling where the conditions for tennis were better. But there are a lot of idols and that’s why maybe there are still new players coming.

Tennis is quite a top sport in this country, so I think that’s why. But there is no programme that actually produces players”. She also addressed the issue about seeing a phase in tennis with a single player dominating the tour.

“I think it’s not going to be very possible right now unless there is somebody really that amazing and then the rest are just that bad. So I don’t see it really happening because I think it’s not about that we would be playing bad, you know, but I think the level is so close right now.

So it’s just tough to be always on the top”. She also added that the modern game attributes to success as well. “I think it’s also the pressure from press people, from our countries, from ourselves. I think it’s much different than it was before.

I think for sure they (past players) didn’t have this kind of pressure. They didn’t have much money as we have. So I don’t see it really happening”. “I feel much more people are playing tennis right now than they were before.

Before, you could easily get to semi-final every week. But now it’s much harder and you have to struggle a lot to get there”.

Karolina Pliskova