A Simona Halep confession: “I’ve never done something all by myself”

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A Simona Halep confession: “I’ve never done something all by myself”

One would think that tennis is a solitary sport, but Simona Halep proves the contrary as she confessed that she always had someone to guide, help or motivate her along the way, whether we talk about matches, working out or the day to day life.

“When I put something in my mind, I can do it, but I need to have someone by my side, I don’t know why. I’ve never done something all by myself. I had this roommate… she was doing sit-ups and stretching in the evenings… I’ve never done that.

I’ve never done any exercise by myself”. said Simona in her most recent video, made by Banca Transilvania. Simona is someone who doesn’t let things unfinished, but she can be a burden sometimes for anyone who works with her.

“I’ve always listened and I’ve done everything I was told to, but I always complain. Ever since I can remember, when the coach told me something I was like: “Do I have to do that again? Why do I have to do that?”.

I’m frustrated because I don’t like working out and I always look for something to pick on. But I always do what I’m told to. I never skipped”. said Halep. In the end, Halep’s work off the court brings results as she is one of the toughest players to meet on the tour and we rarely see her out of breath, even if she has to sprint from one corner of the court to another for an entire match, as she did against Rybakina in the recently won Dubai final.