Gael Monfils reveals his goals before the end of his career

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Gael Monfils reveals his goals before the end of his career

Gael Monfils won his ninth ATP tournament, triumphing in front of his friendly public in Montpellier. For the French player it is the sixteenth consecutive year with an ATP final in assets. 16 like Nadal, both paired in second place in the ranking, one more than Novak Djokovic.

The first, needless to say, is Roger Federer who has been able to conquer at least one final in the last 20 seasons. The 33-year-old has his sights set on maintaining his position in the Top 10, comfortable not only in his professional life but also with Elina Svitolina, the current World No.

5 on the WTA Tour and his girlfriend of the past 18 months. “It’s a dream to win a Slam and being in the Top 5, even for one week, is a goal. So many players have the potential, but they struggle like me… I hope one day to have the opportunity,” Monfils admitted.

“Nothing is gifted, nothing is about talent, it’s about work. You work harder than everyone else. People mistake working and winning. You can work really hard and not win, not have the result you want. It’s tough.

For all the players on the Tour [at ITF Futures, Challengers and the ATP Tour], they are working from a young age." On his relationship with Elina Svitolina, he added: “To share the same goals, the dedication and experience is something amazing.

It’s a very individual, selfish sport, and most of the time we (me and Elina) are alone, but we appreciate the time we have together: at home or tournaments. I hope I help her, and when we practise together we laugh. Perhaps, I’m more serious when I hit with her, as I want to help Elina to achieve her goals”.