Jim Courier: French Open has pretty quickly realized some things

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Jim Courier: French Open has pretty quickly realized some things

Former world No. 1 Jim Courier says the French Open officials are starting to realize what they have done and that moving the French Open without prior consultation with the other major tennis bodies wasn't a good idea.

On March 17, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) announced that this year's French Open wouldn't start in late May and finish in early June as their plan is to host the clay Major event from September 20 - October 4.

"From what I’m hearing, the French Open has recognized pretty quickly the error of stepping on people’s toes without giving them enough warning,” Courier told The New York Times. “I think there have been lots of discussions among the powers that be since then”.

At the moment of the announcement, the tennis season had been suspended until late April -- so their decision left the ATP and WTA with no choice but to extend the suspension of tours. The FFT received lots of criticism after the announcement was made as reportedly they made the decision without consultation made with players or the representatives of major tennis bodies.

Also, it created problems for several ATP and WTA events which are scheduled on the calendars to take place between September 20 and October 4. One of those events is the Laver Cup -- co-owned by Roger Federer -- which is scheduled to be held from September 25-27.

The Wimbledon organizers handled the situation much better as they sat with the representatives of the ATP, WTA and ITF before deciding to officially cancel the event for the first time since 1945.