Benoit Paire: Cancelling whole season would be catastrophe


Benoit Paire: Cancelling whole season would be catastrophe
Benoit Paire: Cancelling whole season would be catastrophe

Former world No. 18 Benoit Paire says he is against cancelling the whole season. This week, the ATP and WTA extended the season suspension until at least July 13. The ATP suspended the season initially for six weeks on March 12.

As it was becoming obvious there would be no way to resume the season in April, the ATP extended the suspension through to June 7. Last week, the AELTC announced they would hold a meeting this week to determine the faith of Wimbledon.

It became obvious that Wimbledon would likely get cancelled this week and that became official this Wednesday. Now the grass season is off and the hope remains there won't be need for further suspensions. However, several players have admitted they fear the whole season might get called off.

"I'm really against canceling the season. A complete cancellation would be truly catastrophic," Paire told France Info, as revealed on We Love Tennis France. Some players have suggested there would be no point in resuming the season late in the year.

However, world No. 22 Paire doesn't agree with that. During his interview, the Frenchman noted he would have nothing against resuming the season as late as October or November. Paire, 30, made a promising start to the season but then his form dropped.

The week before the Australian Open, the Frenchman ended runner-up in Auckland. But then in his next five tournaments played, Paire never won back-to-back matches as he picked up five early round exits.

Benoit Paire