Francesco Totti: "Roger Federer is Tennis"


Francesco Totti: "Roger Federer is Tennis"
Francesco Totti: "Roger Federer is Tennis"

Former Italian soccer player Francesco Totti talked about Roger Federer. Totti was one of the most beloved and best Italian soccer players ever: he was the captain of Rome AS (one of the most famous teams of Italian Serie A), and he has a long-standing friendship with the Swiss Maestro.

Currently, Totti broke off his professional partnerships with Rome AS (he had a role in the team's sports area) and he embarked on a career as a prosecutor at the helm of a new agency, linked instead to the more famous Stellar Group.

In an interview he talked about Roger Federer and their friendship: "Federer is Tennis for me. He is a friend of mine, we often hear through messages because I don't speak English and he doesn't speak Italian, so we use the translator that facilitates us things.

"In the beginning, we did not feel often, but between us, there was always great mutual respect. I often identify with him. For Roger, it is very easy to make a tennis point just as it was easy for me to make a soccer shot. I really think Federer is Tennis and I think he can be called a friend of mine.

Maybe one day I will challenge him in a padel match, also because in a tennis match he is too strong for me! " Roger Federer and Francesco Totti have met each other several times in the past at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia, where Totti went to attend some important matches.

In his career, Totti won a FIFA World Cup in 2006, an Italian Serie A in 2001, two Italian Cups (in 2007 and 2008) and two Italian Supercups (in 2001 and 2007).

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