How Daniil Medvedev is taking advantage of the Tour suspension

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How Daniil Medvedev is taking advantage of the Tour suspension

Few players have the opportunity to train during the pandemic that has frozen most of the world and forced the population into isolation, and even less have the chance to consider the situation from a positive point. Daniil Medvedev is among the lucky ones, and his coach, Gilles Cervara, told We Love Tennis how he and the Russian have decided to take advantage of the time of global nearly-inactivity and ATP Tour suspension.

"Since we are lucky enough to have a court, we approached this period of isolation as if it were a real moment of training,” Cervara said. “Even if we don't know the date when the competition will resume, we are really working, we are not pretending.

We are not in a routine logic to keep in shape, we work on specific technical, physical and mental preparation points. I could almost say that this confinement is somewhat of a boon because we have time, we take the time, which almost never happens to us during a normal season.

Anyway, it's also my way of looking at things, you always have to manage to transform a situation and make it positive." Cervara added that, fortunately, Medvedev is a hard-worker who “rarely says no”.

“Now the hard part is to always find ways to create challenges on the court, so that the champion is always in the dynamic of surpassing himself, even when the spirit of competition in training can not really be implemented.

" Medvedev had a gilded 2019 season, which he exited with two Masters titles and seven finalist trophies - including the US Open one, where he bowed to Rafael Nadal in the final after a crazy North American hard-court swing run.