Marius Copil's funny anecdote from after he lost against Andy Murray in Washington

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Marius Copil's funny anecdote from after he lost against Andy Murray in Washington

In an Instagram Live, Romanian player Marius Copil recounted a funny anecdote from his 2018 season. “Two or three years ago, I played against Andy Murray in Washington and we finished at four in the morning, and the same day I was flying to Toronto [to play the Rogers Cup qualifications],” Copil said during his chat with Official Troll Tennis.

“I don’t know why but from Washington to Toronto, it was super hard to find flights. When I arrived at the hotel around six, I tried to look for flights, but there were no chances to fly. I flew to somewhere in the States instead, then a Romanian guy who lives in Canada came to pick me up.

He drove five hours and we arrived at the hotel on Saturday morning at seven, and I had to play the second match - at ten. I went to the hotel - I had been in a car for long, we had no space - and I just took a shower, took my clothes, and went straight to play the match.

I played [Yoshihito] Nishioka, I remember. I won the first set 6-2, he won the second set, and then I felt… Somehow in the third set I was up 5-2, but from the 5-2, honestly, I don’t remember anything. I remember my fitness coach took me straight to the physio after the match.

He put me on a table, and I fell asleep. Straight. For two hours, I was gone”. Copil lost the match 6-2, 3-6, 6-7(2). However, the following week, he reached the second round in Cincinnati as a qualifier and bowed out to Marin Cilic in three sets.

During the Instagram Live, Copil also talked about what makes Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray the great players that they are.