Marius Copil: 'Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic are all GOATs'

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Marius Copil: 'Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic are all GOATs'

The fiercest fight in the tennis community seems to be the so-called ‘GOAT’ one, in which arguments are put forward to decide who - between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and occasionally Novak Djokovic - is the ‘greatest of all times’.

Marius Copil did not escape the question during an Instagram Live interview. “It’s tough to say, honestly,” the former World No. 56 told Official Troll Tennis. “For me, all three are GOATs. Roger, Rafa, Nole… What they are doing, it’s incredible, unreal.

Roger has the most Grand Slam titles, but if you look at the results of Rafa on clay, winning Roland Garros twelve times, winning Barcelona twelve times as well, then Monte Carlo… It’s unbelievable. Who’s going to break Rafa’s record in Roland Garros? I think no one will do that.

Not even if they played a draw of four - the same guy is not going to win thirteen times”. Copil was then asked about which young players strike him as most promising at the moment. “I think Nick [Kyrgios] is unreal.

What he’s doing, he’s putting on a great show and people love and hate him at the same time,” the Romanian said, before praising Dominic Thiem and his consistent work at the top of the ranking. “Also, Jannik Sinner,” Copil added.

“He’s 18 and playing great, very relaxed, he’s moving well. He slides on hard court like it’s on clay, both with the right and the left leg, he’s also very good. I lost against him in a Challenger in France.

And [Alex] de Minaur. He’s moving really well, he’s young, he’s playing well. Frances [Tiafoe] is playing good, Ugo [Humbert] is playing good. We have good players who are young and playing well. Look at Tsitsipas, he’s so young also, Zverev as well.

These guys are there since a couple of years and they’re winning big tournaments also against the Big Four, so that’s good”.