Qiang Wang's coach alleges: "She denied me financial support"

In an interview, Thomas Drouet, Wang Qiang's coach, and Bernard Tomic and Marion Bartoli's former sparring partner said the player denied him financial support

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Qiang Wang's coach alleges: "She denied me financial support"

Thomas Drouet, Wang Qiang's coach, and the ex-sparring partner of Marion Bartoli and Bernard Tomic granted an interesting interview to L'Equipe magazine. Drouet was also the coach of Timea Babos. Furthermore, in 2013, he was attacked by Tomic's father, who broke his nose.

What is happening for him now that the tennis season has been suspended and, therefore, there are no earnings? To answer this question he said: “I have a 35-40 week contract. When we heard that the tournaments would be canceled at least until July, I asked Qiang Wang to find an agreement, to pay me 50% of my compensation which I would have considered as complete weeks.

But she refused because she is not earning money. I have no right to any help, so I am in a somewhat precarious situation, considering the fact that it is not known when they will resume playing. We decided to start training in China from June 1st, for three weeks, then another three weeks in Mauritius, but if they will canceled all season, this year, I do not know how I will do it.

In general, our situation is always precarious because we know well that collaboration with a player can be interrupted at any moment. And some months of difficulty must be taken into account. But in this situation, we have no economic certainty, and it is even worse.

I have zero income because I live in Mauritius. I live with my savings and I have six months in front of me since I help my whole family. Now, I will deliver pizzas at home from 18 to 22 to earn some money, to try not to affect my savings but also to feel useful.

I count on solidarity because the players have a responsibility towards their team. She donated money to the Wuhan hospitals, which is a good thing. I hope for a small sum for me, even just as an advance on my salary. I wait to see how the situation evolves.

Either we find a consensual solution or I will ask her to break the contract and pay me what she owes me and then I will find someone else. If I had trained the number 150 in the world I would never have allowed myself to ask her this.

Instead, she was top-20 and she is no. 1 of China, she has had substantial gains." He said. This is further evidence of how the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have become a huge problem for tennis players and coaches.

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