Noah Rubin: I am almost hoping tennis hits rock bottom

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Noah Rubin: I am almost hoping tennis hits rock bottom

USA's Noah Rubin says he is almost hoping tennis hits the rock bottom because that would force the governing bodies to make some changes. The Tour has been suspended for over a month and there won't be any tennis events taking place until at least July 13.

Lower-ranked players are facing major financial difficulties as the majority of them can't go months without playing. "It's a tough thing to say, but I am almost hoping that it hits rock bottom," Rubin told Eurosport's Tennis Legends podcast, as revealed on Sky Sports.

"But I am hoping because I have spoken to ATP and WTA before and the urgency to change tennis, hasn't been there. "So, I am hoping that rock bottom almost like lights a fire under their butts and says 'hey, we're in trouble.

Other sports aren't in trouble as much as we are, let's do something." Rubin, ranked at No. 225 in the world, has earned $754,745 so far in his career. This season, the 24-year-old American has earned $33,019. "I am talking to my friends right now and within the next two, three, four months they are going to be questioning how they are going to pay for rent or mortgage," Rubin said.

"To say we can't even help players at 150 in the world when we're having these issues. There must be something wrong with the sport or the system itself." Rubin achieved his career-high ranking of No. 125 in the world in 2018.