Alexander Zverev: 'I try to develop a more active way of play'

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Alexander Zverev: 'I try to develop a more active way of play'

Alexander Zverev is spending his quarantine period at his home in Florida, in the United States. The German champion is authorized to use the courts of the Saddlebrook Tennis Academy for three hours a day, in addition to also using the relative gym.

In the past twelve months, the former World number 3 has highlighted a worrying involution in the service by committing too many double fouls compared to his standards. “Tennis wise I try to develop a more active way of play.

I can play many balls in the court. But I want to come to the net more, improve my backhand and serve, too,” he said to Sky Sports Germany. “I often practice techniques with my brother’s coach. He is a tennis freak and knows so much.

Jez Green shows me a lot of stats and videos." His fitness trainer Jez Green has focused on making him stronger and set a goal for him to add 4 kilograms (8.8 lb) of muscle each year. Initially, Zverev had difficulty adjusting to this training style on the court, saying, "I had no idea what was going on in my body," and needed to adapt his shot technique as he became more muscular.

Eventually, he showed improvement on the court. Green remarked, "He started to become less wobbly. He started to absorb power, so when someone hit hard he could hit the ball back and everything locked into place." "All of a sudden the serve was a thing last year.

Before 2019 I never had problems regarding my serve. I always had my rhythm before, Since then it is a bit like – when I’m losing it, then I am losing it. All this has to do with problems from last year. But you could see at this year’s Australian Open.

When I’m serving well, then I am one of the best players out there. But when I don’t serve well, I can lose to many players" - Sascha added.