Nadal's PR manager never criticized Federer. The criticism goes to the journalist...

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Nadal's PR manager never criticized Federer. The criticism goes to the journalist...

Rafael Nadal´s manager Benito Perez Barbadillo replied to the tweet of the journalist Jose Moron, who, with a post on the social network, had said that Roger Federer would be the GOAT after seeing the documentary about Michael Jordan.

Moron´s personal opinion is summarized in the tweet in which he wrote: "Looking at Michael Jordan´s documentary, I understood one thing. I didn´t know whether to say it or not because these things certainly attract someone who could be offended, but I think everyone is free to think of it as they want, this is my way of seeing sport and for this, from my point of view, Roger Federer is the GOAT of tennis." The reporter explained that in the eternal debate about who is the best in any sport, not only the titles won count: "Federer, like Michael Jordan, invented a way to play.

It changed the sport. " Barbadillo replied initially by writing: "Fortunately, tennis does not follow your criteria," but Rafa´s manager clarified what he later wrote, not doubting whether Federer is or is not the GOAT, but to define the GOAT we need objective criteria, based on precise data and statistic analysis, and not on personal feelings and ideas.

"The criterion you do not establish so it makes it very unprofessional. For amateur tennis, you do very well. But we are talking about professional tennis." But precisely he meant that, to define the GOAT, precise concepts and objective criteria are needed, not sensations or personal ideas without basis.

"Unfortunately some still don´t understand. I don´t doubt that Federer (great player, great person) is or will be the GOAT. But if a journalist claims something so big, he must explain what the sporting criteria are for defending them," said Barbadillo with a tweet.

About a Twitter user who complained about the thread with Jose Moro, Barbadillo once again highlighted what he thinks about Roger Federer, advising the user to read the thread more carefully in order to understand what he meant to say: "Definitely class can´t be bought.

I agree. But if you read the whole thread maybe you will understand. Also I would recommend you to read everything I´ve always said about the amazing Roger Federer (cause he is amazing!) ... hope you are well and healthy ... "