Dominic Thiem reveals his daily routine during pandemic lockdown

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Dominic Thiem reveals his daily routine during pandemic lockdown

World No. 3 Dominic Thiem says he is trying to work as much as he can during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown but at the end of the day he gives himself some time to relax. The Tour has been suspended for two months due to the coronavirus outbreak and there won't be any ATP events taking place until at least mid-July at the earliest.

"My daily routine is pretty unspectacular at the moment. I sleep relatively late every day. Then it’s time for fitness training torso, abs, back, upper body, legs – as much as it’s possible to do at home.

After that I try to go running every day as well. Most of the time I’ve finished everything relatively early, around 5 or 6 pm... Then it’s onto the sofa, watching TV, making calls and playing on PlayStation with my friends," Thiem told The Times of India.

Thiem, a back-to-back French Open runner-up and this year's Australian Open runner-up, says the mental fitness is as important as the physical fitness. "I think mental fitness is extremely important, especially in Grand Slams and the long best-of-five set matches.

Thus, I am working on my mental fitness during my regular work out. If I can achieve my performance in training for up to four hours, it will also be easier to use my strengths during the match," Thiem said. "The physical aspect is also very important because if I know that I'm going into a match in top form and I can run for four or five hours without any problems, then I’m also mentally at a top level!"