Kei Nishikori reveals why he loves tennis


Kei Nishikori reveals why he loves tennis
Kei Nishikori reveals why he loves tennis

2014 US Open runner-up Kei Nishikori has explained why he loves playing tennis as growing up he used to play multiple sports. Nishikori, 30, turned professional in 2007 and he has been one of the most successful players over the last decade.

"Tennis is kind of a mixture of boxing and simulation video game or chess. It's a demanding battle like boxing, though it's not really life-threatening because it's a non-contact sport, but I go into the match with mindset like that in boxing," Nishikori told NowVoice.

"Tennis is tactical as well, you should think about when and how you catch your opponent off guard. The best thing about tennis for me is a one-on-one battle. I love competition and games, I played many kinds of sports like baseball, football and swimming.

"I wanted to play basketball too, but my parents told me not to play because of a risk of sprained finger.
I decided to play tennis just because I was best at tennis, maybe at that time I didn't love tennis as much as now."

Nishikori underwent an elbow surgery in October and he wasn't ready to participate in any events that took place before the Tour suspension.

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