Gilles Simon: Some of new rules and formats are so stupid

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Gilles Simon: Some of new rules and formats are so stupid

Former world No. 6 Gilles Simon has once again underlined that the tennis community needs to be more united and work together as he thinks some of the new rules and formats are stupid. Over the last couple of years, a couple of changes have been made to the game -- with the main goal being improving the game and making it more interesting to viewers.

The coronavirus pandemic lockdown once again proved the seven stakeholders of tennis aren't functioning together as well as they should be. "On-field coaching, different formats, a great tie-break in Australia, then a stop at 12-12 (in the fifth set) at Wimbledon, it makes me want to cry because it's so stupid," Simon told 20 Minutes.

"For me tennis is going well, it continues and it will continue to please. The big problem is that no one is thinking about promoting the sport as a whole. For tennis to get better, people have to work together." The lower-ranked players have taken the biggest hit from the coronavirus pandemic as they the majority of them can't go for a weeks weeks -- even a month -- without competing and earning any type of income.

"The reality is that there are not enough professional tennis players who make a living. Tennis generates billions of euros, but the problem is the curve between what wins the first, the hundredth, and the thousandth," Simon said.

14-time ATP champion Simon hopes the situation will improve for the lower-ranked players as he added: "We need to pay these guys so they can progress."