Yannick Noah: Nick Kyrgios offers something different

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Yannick Noah: Nick Kyrgios offers something different

1983 French Open champions Yannick Noah thinks Nick Kyrgios is good for the game as the Frenchman believes you simply have to try something new today if you want to be successful. Kyrgios, a six-time ATP champion, is arguably the most attractive player on the Tour as he often opts to play unconventional and trick shots even in tight match situations.

At last year's Wimbledon, the 25-year-old Australian successfully pulled off an underarm serve against world No. 2 Rafael Nadal during the first set of their second round meeting. Kyrgios, ranked at No. 40 in the world, eventually fell short against Nadal but he made the 19-time Grand Slam champion earn a four-set victory.

The Australian received criticism for pulling off an underarm serve against the Spaniard as some considered it as a disrespectful move. "He offers something different. When I see that he is serving underarm because Rafa is standing six meters behind the baseline, I am like crazy.

Afterwards I am also mad with rage because of the reaction of those who say that it is a lack of respect," Noah told L'Equipe, as revealed on GQ Magazine France. "These people don't understand anything. Nothing !

If you play 'normally' against Rafa, you take 3, 3 and 3 after having a great match. If you don't try anything you have absolutely no chance. I really believe that if you work it seriously, serving underarm can be a weapon against a Rafa (type) or a (Dominic) Thiem (type), who are very far behind the baseline."