Eugenie Bouchard: "I can't wait to date with guys known online"


Eugenie Bouchard: "I can't wait to date with guys known online"
Eugenie Bouchard: "I can't wait to date with guys known online"

By now it has been happening even before the emergency regarding the global pandemic, but in reality it has been a few years since Eugenie Bouchard had more success on social media than on tennis courts. In the past the Canadian had already shown off on social networks.

She accepted a date after a bet on Twitter (from there was born an interesting friendship with the guy, John Goehrke, who won the bet) and now, during the pandemic, she did a charity initiative where Bouchard was auctioning a date for a dinner with the winner.

The guy who won this auction could also sit in the Genie's box in any WTA Tour tournament. Through an interview with CNN Bouchard commented on this next date and she said that from now on she will not accept other possible virtual appointments.

Eugenie said: "I accepted some online datings and I can't wait to make them. Calm down, guys, anyway. We are not anxious, as soon as all this context allows it, I will go out with these guys. We will see what will come of it"

Eugenie Bouchard's thought about social media

The Canadian then expressed her opinion about social media: "There are many positive things on social media and basically, when you have enemies, it means that you are making something in your life.

However, it is important not to return the hatred they sometimes give you and you should not respond to disrespectful criticism." Some weeks ago she tweeted a funny message about dating: "My agent just informed me you guys are sending 'dating resumes' to the email in my bio YALL NEED TO STOP!" At the beginningof March she wrote on her Twitter account: "not complaining, but i feel like quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend!" For charity, she accepted an appointment with a boy who paid £ 3800, which will be donated to health workers who are fighting against Covid-19.

Genie in the past obtained the 5th position of the WTA ranking as best ranking and, in 2014, she achieved great results as the final at Wimbledon. In recent years Eugenie Bouchard, however, had a big drop and she is now clearly out of the Top 100, but she is definitely one of the queens of social media.

Eugenie Bouchard