Metz Director: In 90% cases doubles is practiced by wrong players

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Metz Director: In 90% cases doubles is practiced by wrong players

Metz Tournament Director Julien Boutter absolutely thinks doubles is essential part of tennis but suggests some changes should be made in order to make the competition more interesting. Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli sparked the conversation over the importance of doubles when she suggested there should be less doubles events and that some money should be diverted from doubles to singles.

Every player dreams of succeeding in singles and having a big career but some players quit playing singles and turn their attention to doubles after struggling to make it in singles. Doubles don't require as much energy as singles and doubles players have lengthy careers -- some even play in their forties.

The biggest stars are focused on singles and from time to time they appear in doubles but their commitment and motivation to succeed when playing doubles has been often questioned. "It is important to keep doubles.

Doubles is spectacular and fun. At the Davis Cup it's incredible. But it's practiced in 90 percent cases by the wrong people," Boutter told L'Equipe. "If you tell me that tomorrow only players who entered singles draw are allowed into doubles draw, I say, 'Deal!' We could advertise it, there's logic.

The way it's done today — it's laughable."

"How can I [advertise] the likes of Matkowski or 45 year old guys who've never been Top 100 or 200 in the world? It doesn't make sense."

Bartoli didn't hold back when speaking how she feels about doubles

"I know I'm not going to make myself friends but I think we have to say it: I don't understand all these doubles competitions all year round," Bartoli told Tennis Majors.

"I understand during Grand Slams and the Olympics because doubles is part of tennis history (but) I've been to some tournaments now with my player and I see now, these (doubles) players, they have crews, like six people around them.

When I was a player, as a singles player, we couldn't afford to pay six people to travel with us full-time. They can afford to pay six people and they just play doubles! "Why don't you get some of that money to qualifiers, to someone who plays only Challengers? I just don't understand because in doubles, you just don't make the same effort as a singles player.

"You don't practice as much....they keep going, week in and week out, getting that money. I don't know if we have to stop doubles completely, but to get less money and give that money to qualification and others, that should be a solution." Bartoli won three doubles titles and achieved a doubles career-high ranking of No. 15 in the world during her career.