Damir Dzumhur tells story when he entered wrong house at 3;30 am in Indian Wells

Dzumhur experienced something that he will never forget six years ago in Indian Wells.

by Dzevad Mesic
Damir Dzumhur tells story when he entered wrong house at 3;30 am in Indian Wells

Bosnian tennis star Damir Dzumhur, 28, has revealed a funny anecdote that happened to him years ago on the Tour. Dzumhur was a guest on Sport Klub's Wish&Go podcast and he spoke about the life on the Tour and some of the things that happen behind the scenes.

One of the things that Dzumhur spoke about was that players sometimes avoid staying at hotels during tournaments and instead stay at the house of the person they know. Dzumhur specifically mentioned Indian Wells, said the place is full of rich people and players often stay in their houses during tournaments.

Back in 2014 -- when Dzumhur was making his first major steps on the Tour -- he was working with former Bosnian tennis player Amer Delic. Delic knew a guy in Indian Wells and he introduced Dzumhur to his friend via a phone call.

Delic's friend gladly accepted Dzumhur to come to his house and stay during the Indian Wells Masters. At the time, Delic couldn't travel with Dzumhur to Indian Wells so he gave the address to the Bosnian. Dzumhur arrived to the airport at 2am and his cousin from Los Angeles drove him to the gate in Indian Wells and the Bosnian arrived to the place where he needed to be just over an hour later.

Damir Dzumhur then experiences something that he will never forget

Dzumhur found the house with the address he was given but he couldn't find the note which the home owner said he would leave him. As it was around 3:30am and Dzumhur was exhausted from the trip, he entered the house and fell asleep in a huge hall.

Just as he fell asleep, he was woken up by a guy who was cursing, screaming and asking him who he was. At first, Dzumhur thought it was a prank but he soon realized that it wasn't a joke and that he had entered the wrong house.

Dzumhur tried to calm down the owner, explain that he was a tennis player, that he played Rafael Nadal earlier that year at the Australian Open and that he was in Indian Wells for the tennis tournament. The home owner wasn't really believing him but Dzumhur insisted and after giving the name of the guy in whose house he was supposed to stay, it was all quickly resolved.

It turned out that Delic had mistaken one number while writing the house address and Dzumhur was supposed to enter the house next to the one he mistakenly entered. The home owner of the house Dzumhur mistakenly entered then offered the Bosnian to sleep over the night but the three-time ATP champion walked away to the house next door where he was originally supposed to stay.

Days later, the home owner of the house Damir Dzumhur mistakenly entered came to Indian Wells to watch the Bosnian and the two have been meeting every year for a dinner in Indian Wells.

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