Borna Coric explains why it's tough for a tennis player to be in a relationship

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Borna Coric explains why it's tough for a tennis player to be in a relationship

Two-time ATP champion Borna Coric says it's tough for a great player to be in a relationship because the life on the Tour is demanding and a lot of sacrifices have to be made. Coric, who turned professional in 2013, hasn't been in a relationship for a few years now but he suggests it's not because he can't find a girlfriend.

"It's tricky to start a relationship or even start anything at first place because there are so many things that should be considered -- is the girl employed and if she is then she can't travel. On the other side, if the girl doesn't have a job that's a bit suspicious...

What are her interests then? It's really tough. In 2018, I calculated that I was on the circuit traveling 47 or 48 weeks -- maybe even more. I know that I was home for only 20 days and it would be like I was home for two days and then on the circuit for two months," Coric said on the Podcast Incubator.

"I don't have a girlfriend and I haven't had a girlfriend for a long time. Me not being in a relationship is 80 percent because I want it to be like that and 20 percent because I haven't fallen in love with someone."

Borna Coric suggests having a girlfriend is a big responsibility

During his appearance on the podcast, former world No. 12 Coric underlined several times that the life on the circuit is demanding as almost every week you are away from home and in a different country.

Coric admitted that when he finds time to return home for a few days, he loves to meet his friends and go out for a drink. Also, the Croatian explained why traveling with your girlfriend isn't a great thing either. During a tournament, Coric practices twice a day -- plays matches -- does work with his physio and his time is limited.

In those cases, he can't go out and explore the city with his girlfriend -- who feels bored because she has nothing to do. The 23-year-old Croatian also said that he has been to almost every continent and visited so many countries but he hasn't seen that much because his time is limited during tournaments and he often feels exhausted to go out. Borna Coric's best result of the 2020 season came in Rio de Janeiro, where he made the semifinal.