Sachia Vickery: People screamed 'monkey' at me during tournament in South America


Sachia Vickery: People screamed 'monkey' at me during tournament in South America

American tennis player Sachia Vickery, 25, says she has experienced racism on multiple ways but she knows how to deal with it and it doesn't bother her that much. The 25-year-old reveals she has experienced racism on the Tour and she has also been exposed to racism on the social media as well.

One of the most shocking experiences came during a tournament in South America, where some people screamed 'monkey' at Vickery. "I've played in South America once and I've had people scream 'monkey' at me. I've had people write things to me on social media.

I've been called every racial name in the book. I've been at tournaments and it's happened so I'm no stranger to those kind of things, but luckily I have a very thick skin and it doesn't really bother me that much," Vickery told Sky Sports.

"It's something we have to deal with and it's unfortunate that we live in a society like that, but it's just reality."

Sachia Vickery hopes the Black Lives Matter movement will change things for better

"I think people just need to be educated," Vickery said of Black Lives Matter.

"Maybe a lot of people would like to be involved and know more about it but they just aren't educated on the matter. Vickery, a former world No. 73, reveals some of her friends wanted to know more about how it feels to experience racism.

Also, Vickery claims her friends admitted to her they can't relate because they haven't experienced it. "A lot of my friends, they've literally just asked me 'what is it like to go through some of these things?' What is it like to feel these things?' Because they genuinely just want to know.

They're like 'I will never be able to relate'," Vickery said. The death of George Floyd -- an African-American man who was killed by a white police officer -- has sparked the major protests throutghout he whole United States.

"I think this movement has really given people [the opportunity] to read about these things, receive information, and really be more educated on this so they can have a different perspective. I think it's very good," Vickery added.

Before the season was suspended, Sachia Vickery ended runner-up on one ITF event and made ITF semifinals on two separate occasions.

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