Tommy Haas: Tennis players are their own bosses, they decide where to play


Tommy Haas: Tennis players are their own bosses, they decide where to play
Tommy Haas: Tennis players are their own bosses, they decide where to play

Former German tennis player Tommy Haas insists he is absolutely sure the US Open organizers will do everything in their power to safely organize the tournament. On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the US Open organizers the green light to proceed with the event.

A few months ago, the situation didn't look promising for the US Open organizers as the United States had been one of the worst hit nations by the coronavirus pandemic and New York one of the worst cities in the world. But throughout the whole time the US Open organizes remained committed to finding a way to organize the event and avoid the worst possible scenario -- a cancellation.

"The organizers will go every step to host a safe tournament," Haas said in an online press conference, as revealed on Bluewin. On Wednesday, it was announced that the ATP Tour would resume on August 14.

Tommy Haas backs Novak Djokovic

After the US Open notified players of their strict hygiene restrictions, several players weren't too thrilled.

World No. 1 Djokovic was the most crucial as he called their hygiene rules as "extreme" and "almost impossible." Specifically, the Serb wasn't a fan of being able to bring only one team member with himself. "If I were still a player, I would first say: US Open, great.

But when you hear that I can only take my coach with me, not my physio and not my family, then you have to think about it," Haas said. Djokovic, a 17-time Grand Slam champion, has openly admitted that he has certain reservations about the US Open and there is a good chance he won't travel to the United States.

Instead, the world No. 1 would stay in Europe and prepare for the French Open -- which starts on September 27. Former world No. 2 Haas notes tennis is an individual sport and every player can decide what he wants to do. "As tennis players, we are our own bosses, we decide where we play," Haas said.

"As a tennis fan, I'm happy to see tennis on TV again. People have an urge to watch tennis again." Tommy Haas made the quarterfinal at the US Open three times during his career.

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