Marion Bartoli attacks Roger Federer's earnings

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Marion Bartoli attacks Roger Federer's earnings

Marion Bartoli continues to argue, and this time the target of her attacks is Roger Federer. In the last few days, the Frenchwoman's statements about the doubles have raised a whirlwind of controversy on social media. According to the 2013 Wimbledon champion, doubles tournaments should undergo a reduction both in terms of number of events and prize money, so that more funds can be allocated to the women's and men's singles.

Although the Frenchwoman later emphasized that she was not in favor of extinguishing the specialty, these words did not appeal to most part of fans and insiders. Moreover, in this period of emergency, discussions have multiplied on the help to be given to the lowest ranked tennis players, a topic on which Bartoli also wanted to have his say.

“We all stopped to reflect after the video of the Algerian player (Inès Ibbou - ed.), Number 620 of the world, in which she said she could not live of tennis. We asked ourselves how to better distribute prize money," she said and in an interview with RMC Sport.

"I'm absolutely not saying to eliminate the doubles, but why not give the winners of the doubles tournaments a little less money, or even all the prize money of the doubles tournaments, and allocate the proceeds to the qualifiers?"

Bartoli and the attack on Roger Federer

Recently, 20-time Slam champion Roger Federer appeared first in the Forbes ranking of the world's highest paid athletes.

Since 1990, the year in which this ranking was inaugurated, it had never happened that a tennis player occupied the first position of this particular list. An event that made Bartoli reflect: “My general reflection is that it is strange to read that Roger Federer is the highest paid athlete in the world, with 100 million dollars, and to note that the number 150 in the world cannot live of tennis," She declared.

“I'm not saying that we have to take money from Federer, but that we should better distribute the prize pool and allocate more funds to the players who are most in difficulty. I see no problems. I'm not thinking of taxing the voice actors, my thinking is more general."

Last days of reflection and controversy for the former player, who this time focused on Roger Federer's earnings. Anyway Marion Bartoli must not forget that Roger Federer's earnings depend not only by prize money, but also obviously by his many sponsors.