Vasek Pospisil on US Open: There are a lot of issues, question marks and concerns

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Vasek Pospisil on US Open: There are a lot of issues, question marks and concerns

Canadian world No. 93 Vasek Pospisil has raised some concerns over the US Open as he absolutely thinks the organizers should make sure to be fair to all players. Last week, the US Open organizers received the green light from the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to proceed with their event and the ATP and WTA shortly after announced plans to resume the season in August.

But it's not all great as this year's US Open is set to be far from different compared to its previous editions as there won't be qualifying events, men's and women's doubles events will be reduced from 64 to 32 teams, while mixed doubles and junior events also won't be played.

The lower-ranked players were furious after it was announced there wouldn't be qualifying events as they don't believe the US Open were being fair to everyone. "My concern is that they don't have a qualifying event for lower-ranked guys.

My concern as well is that in general, it needs to be fair across the board, because I'm not sure if all the players can actually make it to New York. So I think the ranking system needs to be looked at pretty carefully.

Because the last thing you want is to have players who can actually improve their rankings, or have the possibility of moving up in the rankings, and to have others (stuck in) South America where the situation is really bad, who can't even travel and make it to New York, Pospisil said.

Vasek Pospisil says there are a lot of issues and questions marks

"The US Open is intending to have a bubble where they players can't leave the grounds and can't leave the hotel. I understand that they are trying to protect the players, I guess, but there is also the issue of what happens if someone gets infected who's in the bubble and then it spreads," Pospisil said.

"There are a lot of issues, a lot of question marks and concerns. The general consensus was that most players were not in favor, and did not want to play. So clearly a lot of players don't feel safe, and the issue is that, we pretty much have to do what the tournaments say, they have all the power.

So suddenly they are throwing an event, and there's regular ranking points, and suddenly all the players feel like they have to go, otherwise they will be at a disadvantage."

Vasek Pospisil, a former world No. 25, also noted there are issues that need to be "addressed and solved."